Wild Pig is a popular background character and Movie Star in the show. His catchphrase is "I'm a wild pig!" He was voiced by Charlie Adler.


Despite his name, Wild Pig is more Happy Go Lucky than wild. He seems to be older than Rocko and his friends because according to Filburt, when he saves Rocko when they were children on the playground, he points out to the Poodle Bullies that he sees a Wild Pig. Then the star shows up with a smile and runs away. One of his biggest roles is in his first appearance. Since then he has been uttering his new catchphrase everywhere in the series. He even has a similar-looking counterpart who lived in Balzac. But this is probably a non-canon place. Like most of the O-Town inhabitants, The Wild Pig has a talent for singing.


  1. Popcorn Pandemonium
  2. Skid Marks
  3. Rinse & Spit
  4. Rocko's Modern Christmas
  5. Zanzibar
  6. Speaking Terms
  7. Eyes Capades
  8. Driving Mrs. Wolfe
  9. The Lounge Singer
  10. S.W.A.K.
  11. The Big Answer
  12. Pipe Dreams
  13. Turkey Time
  14. Floundering Fathers
  15. Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling (cameo)


  • Possibly due to animation errors, he is occasionally shown with purple skin instead of pink skin.
  • Wild Pig is seen on an upcoming movie poster in "Popcorn Pandemonium". Which supports the fact he is an actor.
  • The only phrase he says on the show is "I'm a wild pig", save for one time at the start of Pranksters where he says "I'd like a dessert stuffstick."
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