Widow Hutchison

Widow Hutchison is the short-tempered mother of Dr. Hutchison. Mrs. Hutchison has two hooks for hands since she lost both her hands in a horrible accident, like her daughter, Dr. Hutchison, and is ardently opposed to Filburt and Paula's wedding. She is very hostile towards him throughout in the episodes "The Big Question" and "The Big Answer" episode claiming love between cats and turtles to be un-natural when in reality she's afraid that he'll hurt Dr. Hutchison (just as she believes her husband did to her). At the end of "The Big Answer" Widow Hutchison is joyfully re united with her estranged husband Frank Hutchison telling him "Frankie, wait! I still love you!" Ironically, Frank happens to be a turtle, despite the Widow Hutchison's prejudices against them. Widow Hutchison was voiced by Kevin Meany. Even though her name is Widow Hutchison, her husband is still alive. Widow Hutchison wants to protect her daughter from Filburt.

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