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Who Gives a Buck

Who Gives a Buck is the second segment of the first episode of the first season of Rocko's Modern Life, and the second episode overall.


When Rocko receives a new credit card, Heffer urges Rocko to go on a shopping spree. Rocko finds out that he needs new stuff because his old furniture is crummy and worn out. Heffer asks Rocko if he can watch something on television besides the All Scottish Show. Rocko explains how he does not have enough money to pay for any cable channel besides the Scottish Show's broadcasting channel. Spunky sadly walks up to Rocko and shows him that his food dish has melted. Heffer confesses and tells Rocko that he "thought Spunky would like his food heated up".

Rocko receives a Conglom-O credit card and uses it to buy many brand new pieces of furniture, most notably a new, clean couch, an unbroken television set, and a fire hydrant dog bowl for Spunky. When Rocko moves everything into his house, he realizes that he went crazy and almost bought everything in the store. Rocko receives a call from Conglom-O saying that the company wants its share.

Rocko's new furniture is taken away by Conglom-O as Rocko cannot afford everything he recently bought (in fact, the slogan on the repo truck says "Don't charge a dime if you can't pay on time"). Heffer brings a fire hydrant identical to the one Rocko bought for Spunky previously and explains that he could not stand it when he heard Conglom-O was taking his friend's new items away. Rocko asks Heffer what he used to buy the hydrant and Heffer tells him that he used the All Scottish Show's organ exchange program and traded one of his three stomachs for it.



  • Rocko, Heffer, and Spunky are the only main characters who appear in this episode
  • This episode is known for the innuendo joke whilst Rocko is buying Spunky a new bowl. The weasel shopkeeper then says "Why don't you just jump in on our doggie-style bowl ride? Everybody on their hands and knees!" This in an Innuendo for Doggie Style which a person bends over, crouches on all fours or lies on their abdomen, for sexual intercourse. More likely a Doggie Style Ride.
  • The title is also an innuendo as it is a play on the phrase "Who gives a f***?"
  • This episode is another episode that contains blood when the show is made for kids. After Rocko drives to the mall's parking garage, Heffer's nose bleeds.
  • The mall's guide button references the illuminati.
  • The All Scottish Show is an innuendo for "ass".

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