Wallace is a massive, muscular reddish/pink elephant who works at the Pizza Face restaurant. He once almost got into a brawl with Heffer who owed him $500.95 for pizza but was stopped at the last moment by his boss. Seemingly aggressive, he has a deceptively high pitched and meek voice. Rocko again deals with him in the episode "S.W.A.K." when Rocko sends his crush Alicia a love letter before realizing Wallace lived with her and mistook him for her boyfriend when he was actually her adoptive brother, despite the fact that she is a kangaroo and he is an elephant. Wallace is dimwitted, childish and illiterate but has enough strength to pound pizza dough flat with one punch and flip it into outer space to cook it. After Heffer read Rocko's letter Wallace assumed that Rocko and Heffer were a gay couple, oblivious to the fact that Rocko actually wrote the letter for his sister, not Heffer. Wallace recently made a non-speaking cameo in "Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling" were he is seen watching the Conglomo building getting carried away by the rocket. Wallace is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Wallace sad.

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