Hello followers todays blog will be about nickelodeon vs cartoon network there similarities and differences and which i like better which will be at the end so i wont spoil it.Lets look at Nickelodeon. Nick started off very well with Doug,Rugrats,and Ren and stimpy.But out of the three Rugrats did not have any problems other than the jewish Grandpa.Doug slipped out of Nickelodeons hands and went to Disney and Doug went on for Three more years.Ren and stimpy however got canceled because of the contraversy it caused (Burning of bill of rights,too much Violence).It Returned how ever it got an adult only show which did not to long.If the forth nicktoon (Rockos modern life) did not exist we would not have Spongebob.More and More Nicktoons came but then in 2007-persent Nickelodeon had a downfall. Good shows were replaced by Bad ones. Icarly replaced Drake and Josh, Back at the barnyard replaced Danny phantom,Just Bad stuff.Now Nickelodeon only airs overrated Spongebob episodes,Ok fairly odd parnet episodes,Teen soap opras, and 99.9 percent of crap.We have no splat logo or slime.

Now lets talk about Cartoon network.When cartoon network started They only aired old Hanna-Barbara and old world war 2 Bugs Bunny shorts.Unlike Nick Cartoon Network had more and more Contrviersy.The world war 2 Bugs Bunny shorts had rasicst humor(Which was common for a cartoon in the1940s).Then Cartoon network started Dexters labratory,Courage the cowardly Dog, and ed,edd n eddy.Unlike Nickelodeon these shows did not have a problem.Then Cartoon Network made more and more loved cartoons. (Teen titans which i liked,codename kids next door,the justice leauge.) Yeah the stuck with the formula they always used and got more and more fans.Then they made an anime block called toonmai.Toonami aired Dragon ball z, naruto,one piece,Pokemon just stuff like that.Then in 2007-present (actully died the same year nickelodeon died) Cartoon network stopped the toonami block after 11 years. Anime fans were upset and stopped watching the network.Now cartoon network airs is Live action shows (really this is a cartoon network not live network).And copy cats of hollywood and 2 guys and a piece of crap solving gay problems.

Which Channel wins i have to say nickelodeon because of how there past was if it werent for the 90s i would not have this oppian. buy guys

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