Hello followers if i have any.Todays rant is about Newer episodes of Spongebob and Wild Grinders. Please wash your eye sockets after reading article.Here is a breif history of Time. Spongebob was created by Stephen Hillenburg who help with Rockos Modern Life.However Hillenburg and Derek Dryomnd left Spongebob in 2004 leavig spongebob in an etirnity without good episodes.The episodes that reeks the most are tied with it. They are Glove World R.I.P ,Bubble BUddy Returns and that survival camp episode. These episodes suck because they killed Things i Loved about the HIllenburg era of Spongebob (1999-2004)and the plot wasnt Kid friendly (Survival camp epi).The reason i dont like bubble Buddy returns is because Bubble Buddy is Bearly in the episode and also Spongebob being the Gay pile of Singing trash he always is is frickin annoying.Which is not a shock AT ALL. In the Episode Bubbly Buddy Leaves his son with Spongebob and Spongebob fricks around him and Bubble buddys son pops and some how gets reformed with............ow you guess it.BUBBLES FRICKIN BUBBLES. The reason i dont like that survival camp one wear spongebob and patrick are hidden in a cave is because i dont know CANNIBALISM REFRENCESE because Sponge bob and Patrick try to eat each other (FacePalm) this is freaking spongebob not Silence of the lambs or Cannibal Holocost . Then the try to eat Sandy at the end. What the frickin frick Nickelodeon what the frick.Now the reason i dont like Glove World R.I.P. is because they get rid of a staple of Early episodes of spongebob.

Now Here is Wild Grinders Rant.This is A RIP-OFF OF ROCKET POWER.One of the bad things is that Kel Mitchell voices in it. Why from All That and Kenan & Kel to this.

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