Ye thought ye real was goin down in the head was real uknowsayn. bzkly sum prts

1) class lecture ends. gotta get shoes bk on due to wrestling and old wcw move of rock n roll xprs.

2) pig mantel on flo. C it on flo0R.

3) decide CPR and it cums alive. sub beareded guy teachermane has own pig but luks husky n sees a boar. scares lil pig behind screenglass.

big pig sticks out tounge and gets caught in glass. weewees caint save it

4) class field trip. go to MOQ and prkn deck which is multistory stucture

there the kids do photographic tour foll0w38 by treasure hunt

rocko and sexrobot lady but really at first scene is like human jennifer customer of publx n stretchyyo6@ pntz.

rocko eyes u know joe murray likes eye sockets pokin out just liek nippels mane.

multiple scenes ov rocko and eyes catchin tex avery

kids shadowing RL CAM (PC animated models) walk thru 

bus leaves me and othas behind

FF to flippen hill near burseenos or wuteva 26yrs back mane

on skateboard but 18wheeler and garbadge trucks prevent enjoyment

slide n2 bushes and see fish on trees

conclusion from river. fish alive n well. stinging me but only one one time once only one once


`rock obs rocko.

`piggy mybs harper. me doing cpr shows carin person luv i 1Z

more shit bout jimmy neutron wuteva editing deeze encyclop3dos


fish jesus christianity 

`sk8n not a crime

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