I am personally hoping that Static Cling could lead to a Rocko's Modern Life reboot. Since I love the thought so much, so I thought we on the wikia could share our ideas for characters and stories for episodes for a potiental reboot. I have had this idea for a while, but I was scared you guys wouldn't like it, but I'm not anymore.

So, so all of Rocko's love interests in the original series, I always liked Alicia the most, especially the hints of her liking Rocko back. My first idea for RML reboot was that Rocko and Alicia are married and Alicia moves in with him and Spunky, becoming a major recurring character. Now my second idea is for three new characters. Since Filburt became a father in the original show, I thought it also be cute to see Rocko as father, so I came these characters. They are the triplet sons of Rocko and Alicia, their names as Rocko Junior, Nathan, and Jeffrey.

  1. Rocko Jr. - appears the most of the triplets, he laters wears glasses (due to being blinded by a TV screen when Heffer and his family were babysitting) and wears mint green overalls
  2. Nathan - shown to be very artistic, mostly playing messy fingerpaint. he wears cream overralls
  3. Jeffrey - named after Rocko's late uncle (if any of you remember Who's For Dinner?), he is shown as somewhat mischievous, usually biting others (mostly Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert). He wears ice blue overalls

All three of them look like Rocko with Alicia's red hair.

So that's all my ideas for a reboot so far (I post when I come up with more), now I want see if anyone else has ideas if Static Cling leads us to reboot

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