• I live in I would love to say Duckburg...
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is DRAWING DUCKS
  • I am female

i love this show..

Rocko & Spunky On The Couch

i sees a derpy spunky...

fave episodes:

~tickled pinky

~eyes capades

~short story(you're off model kangaroo boy)

~dirty dog

~i have no son(NEVER!!!!)

~wacky delly(I AM DA CHEESE!!!!!!)


~no pain, no gain

~to heck and back

~cabin fever

~ed is dead

other shows i love:

-teen titans(original version)


-goof troop

-camp lazlo

-frog in a suit( i think this counts)

and probably more.idk...


i drew some stuff with pixlr because i can...

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