Turdy was Filburt's pet myna bird, who only appeared in the episode "Bye, Bye Birdie".


While Filburt is away in hospital recovering from a bout of Hypochondriasis, Turdy is left in Rocko and Heffer's care. Throughout the day, Turdy causes a series of problems for his babysitters, including beating up Spunky, demolishing the top floor of Rocko's house, and repeatedly flying off to cause trouble for a neighbor with a pet monkey. Rocko eventually gets annoyed with Turdy’s behavior and handcuffs him to his nose, as he sits on the couch to watch The Fatheads. However, the oblivious Heffer leaps onto the couch, accidentally landing on top of Turdy and crushing him to death. When Filburt returns, he accepts the news very well, saying that Turdy's particular species only has a three-week life span (only for Heffer to blurt out "Did you tell him I sat on him?"). After an impromptu funeral for Turdy, the annoyed neighbor arrives and gives them a box saying that he "ain't dealing with this anymore." Filburt is overjoyed to find that the box contains baby myna bird/monkey hybrids, and he adopts them as new pets.


Season 3

Behind the Scenes


Turdy's squawks were provided by Carlos Alazraqui.


  • Contrary to popular belief, Turdy's name is not a play on the word "turd" (which is slang for fecal matter) but rather on "turdus", which is the genus that the robin belongs to and that he was being a turd when Rocko and Heffer were babysitting him.
  • His carcass is spotted a few times in Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling once drifting through space, and later in his bird cage in the back of a hillbilly' struck.

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