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The Hopping Hessian is a good friend of Gordon's, and is a ghost who only appeared in Sugar Frosted Frights. He only has one leg, and served in the Revolutionary War. He and Gordon stay in the Foto Hut.

He is apparently from Germany, as the Hessians were German soldiers hired by the British Army during the Revolutionary War.

He is based on The Headless Horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

He is mistakenly referred to by a news anchor as "The Hopping Henchman."

Although he only appeared in Sugar Frosted Frights, his voice is heard in "Rocko's Modern Christmas," "Rinse & Spit," and other episodes. He makes a brief appearance in Static Cling on an episode of a show called "Ghost Cakes".

He is voiced by Mr. Lawrence.