The Bloaty and Squirmy Show is a TV segment in Rocko's Modern Life about two parasites who live on and in Rocko's pet dog Spunky. Their names are Bloaty the Tick and Squirmy the Ringworm. Certain episodes and both stories in Issue 6 of the comic book, "Special Disgusting Parasite Issue!", revolve around their Odd Couple-like relationship. They are introduced in the TV series' first season's only episode, Dirty Dog, in which Bloaty's boss, Mr. Ickk, comes over for dinner while Rocko tries to give Spunky a bath. This episode suggests that more than one parasite is living on Spunky, proven in future episodes by huge crowds of insects and even an old-west style town on Spunky's body.

One of Bloaty and Squirmy's more well known sayings is "Up, work, home, TV, bed!". In the first story of Issue 6 of the comic, "Bug Out!", the two hop between various pets, trying to find the perfect host. In the second story, "Lice on the Loose", the two again find Spunky, prompting Rocko to take Spunky to a pet store; Bloaty and Squirmy interact with local parasites at the store.

Bloaty is voiced by Tom Kenny and Squirmy is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. Show writer Martin Olson created Bloaty and Squirmy. Olson loved Murray's character designs of Bloaty and Squirmy, and said that he and the crew had tons of fun recording and singing my nutty "Bloaty & Squirmy Theme Song".