Oh no you don't, get back in there."-Slippy the Slug after seeing the devil coming out of the elevator.

Slippery “slippy” the Slug is a person that manages the city dump. Before that, he ran a dangerous carnival sponsored by the sewage treatment center called the "Carnival O' Knowledge." After the episode "Carnival Knowledge" Slippy rarely appeared. Murray said that Slippy did not become "fleshed out to my liking." In his first couple of appearances he was voiced by Dom Irrera and in later episodes by Carlos Alazraqui.

Slippy appears in the second story of Issue #1 (plus the cover) and the first story of Issue #7; in Issue #7 he operates a "Slippy the Slug's Sales for Suckers" booth at the Humongo Comicon.

A character that could possibly be him was in the episode "Spitballs" where a slug who looked similar to him, but wore a trench coat sold tickets to Rocko and Heffer that were possibly the worst seats in the entire stadium.

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