Voice Actor(s)
Alisa Wilson

Sheila is a kind rollerskating pink fox who appears and is a main character in the episode Wallaby on Wheels, her only episode appearance. She is a friend of Heffer's, and love interest of Rocko. Sheila is voiced by Alisa Wilson.


She is all around very nice and sweet. She seems to be good friends with Heffer, As he mentioned her twice and goes roller-skating with her. At the end of the episode, she learns to Jackhammer with Rocko. Sheila is into a lot of things like Heffer is, she loves comic books, rollerblading, and Jack-hammering.


Sheila has pink fur, a darkish pink-brown nose and bright white eyes with small black pupils. She as well has turquoise hair with a dark blue headband. She wears a purple dress with yellow diamonds on it, white knee pads, and wears red rollerblades seemingly everywhere she goes. She is at an intermediate height, being taller than Rocko, but shorter than Heffer.


  • Despite only physically appearing in a single episode ("Wallaby on Wheels"), Sheila's name has been mentioned in Heffer's sleep talking on two separate occasions taking place before her first technical appearance;
    • The first time takes place in the Season 1 episode, "Bedfellows". After Rocko attempts to wake Heffer using a cattle-prod, Heffer mutters her name.
    • The second time takes place in a deleted scene in the Season 2 episode "Road Rash". After checking into the "No Tell Motel", Heffer can be heard once again muttering her name in his sleep.
    • A character resembling Sheila has a brief cameo in "Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling" in the seated audience cheering after the Fatheads reboot is over and when Ed Bighead embraces his daughter Rachel.
  • Sheila's dress features a pattern very similar to that of Rocko's shirt.
  • Sheila was Rocko's last known love interest in the series, though it was never exactly stated how their relationship turned out.



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