The fourth and final season of Rocko's Modern Life

No Episode Release Date
1 With Friends Like These With Friends Like These July 8, 1996
Sailing the Seven ZZZ Sailing the Seven Zzz's
2 Pranksters Pranksters July 9, 1996
From Here To Maternity From Here to Maternity
3 Ed Good, Rocko Bad Ed Good Rocko Bad July 10, 1996
Teed Off Teed Off
4 Wimp on the Barby Wimp on the Barby July 11, 1996
Yarnbenders Yarnbenders
5 Mammas Boy Mama's Boy July 12, 1996
Feisty Geist Feisty Geist
6 S.W.A.K. S.W.A.K. July 15, 1996
Magic Meatball Magic Meatball
7 Closet Clown Closet Clown July 16, 1996
Seat to Stardom Seat to Stardom
8 The High Five of Doom The High Five of Doom July 17, 1996
Fly Burgers Fly Burgers
9 Heff in a Handbasket Heff in a Handbasket July 18, 1996
Wallaby on Wheels Wallaby on Wheels
10 Dumbells Dumbells July 19, 1996
Rug Birds Rug Birds
11 Hypno-Puppy Luv Hypno-Puppy Luv October 8, 1996
Driving Mrs Wolfe Driving Mrs. Wolfe
12 Put to Pasture Put to Pasture October 10, 1996
Future Schlock Future Schlock
13 Title-TurkeyTime Turkey Time November 24, 1996
Floundering Fathers

Floundering Fathers

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