The Ruler of Heck is a one-appearance only character in Heff in a Handbasket who has the top authority in Heck and is Peaches' boss. He is seen only as a silhouette and you can see he wears a beanie. Heck is a place where there is fire everywhere and those who live in Heck will suffer and are trapped forever. The fact that Heck is hardly populated agitates Peaches' Boss.

He got mad at Peaches for not bringing in any mortal living being into Heck for 600 years. Peaches was just playing paddleball and trying to bribe him with a donut to calm down. Peaches instead just went to Bad Time Lounge to drink until he heard that Heffer wants to be on a game show. After Peaches dropped Heffer into Heck so that Heffer's grandma won't torment him, Peaches' boss got mad about this, then punished Peaches by putting him into a TV show called Peaches' Modern Life.


(Beginning of Episode)

Ruler of Heck: "PEACHES!!! WE ARE DISPLEASED!!! VERY DISPLEASED!!! You have not brought in a single mortal to us in over 600 years!! Bring a mortal to his eternal tarnations or be prepared to suffer the consequences!"

(Near the End of the Episode)

Ruler of Heck: "PEACHES!!! You let the cow go?!!"

Peaches: "Well, you see..."

Ruler of Heck: "ENOUGH!! Prepare yourself, for the ultimate punishment" (points finger at Peaches)

Peaches: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" (gets zapped by his boss into his punishment)

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