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Rocko's Modern Life is an animated television series created by Joe Murray. The show aired for 4 seasons between 1993 and 1996 on Nickelodeon.

The show generally received positive reviews during its original broadcast run and in recent years has seen renewed praise for sophisticated and subversive humor. The series also has over time developed a devoted following of fans, making many commentators deem it a cult television show. The show was the fourth Nicktoon and was on the 90s Are All That block from September 5 to September 23. However, it made a comeback in a vote against The Angry Beavers.


The series follows the surreal, parodic adventures of an anthropomorphic wallaby named Rocko Rama, and his life in the city of O-Town. Originally from Australia, the show explores his American life as well as the lives of his friends and neighbors: Rocko's faithful dog, Spunky, the gluttonous steer Heffer Wolfe, the neurotic turtle Filburt Turtle, his grouchy neighbor Ed Bighead and his friendly and sensible wife Beverly Bighead. The show is laden with adult humor, including double ententes, innuendos, and satirical social commentary.

Spiritual successors

Many people consider the popular Nickelodeon show SpongeBob SquarePants to be a spiritual successor since the fact many of the writers and voice actors (Derek Drymon, Tom Kenny, Doug Lawrence) also worked on Rocko. Phineas and Ferb and Camp Lazlo are also spiritual successors for the same reason.


Aside from operating on Nickelodeon in most countries, Rocko's Modern Life was aired on many other private channels around the world.

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