Rocko's Ancestor is an elderly wallaby who only appeared in "Floundering Fathers."


He looks like Rocko, but much older with a long beard, several wrinkles, and a large feathered hat holding empty turtle eggs.


He appears near the end and reveals that he was trapped under a rock for two hundred years, though somehow survived. He overheard their statements and tells them they are all wrong, he tells them wallabies were in O-town before steers, turtles, and toads until they headed to Australia. He states he would have gone too had Heffer's ancestors not trapped him under a rock, which caused the latter to get embarrassed. He also informs Ed that his ancestor cheated the native American out of change, resulting in Ed getting a large bill of thousands that was due in a month's time.

Afterwards, he takes part in the parade and talks with Rocko who is amazed wallabies were in town first. Rocko's ancestor said that wallabies came before certain citizens and that others may have been there before wallabies. At the end, a caveman like dog that is most likely the ancestor of Spunky emerges from the hole and closes it.



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