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Retro Essentials is a digital DVD released in 2012, it contains six episodes from season one, and four episodes from season three.


Garbage and dogs may not be part of a balanced diet, but a healthy dose of Rocko’s Modern Life is… for your laugh diet! So throw somethin’ on the barbie and set yourself down for some of the most popular episodes from the series, including the one where Rocko tries to make it to a store for their 99% off sale, the one where he gets the flu – right before the big WWWWF wrestling show, and the one where Rocko, Heffer, and Mr. and Mrs. Bighead wind up sharing a vacation cabin. Plus, Ed Bighead tries to get rid of Rocko, Rocko has to go back to driving school (darn that missing gas cap!), O-Town starts a massive recycling campaign, Rocko makes a purchase that wreaks havoc in his life, and Filburt pops the question to the woman of his dreams, Dr. Paula Hutchinson.