Really Really Big Man

Really Really Big Man (Big Man or RRBM AKA Lois Lame for short) is an extremely large and strong insectoid superhero who stands 6' 6" tall and wears a big red costume and a purple mask of Rocko's Modern Life. In most episodes that revolve around him, he shows incredible, but uncontrollable strength.

His superpowers include flight, magic chest hairs to make rapscallions see the past, nipples that allow people to see their future (by attaching them to the eyeballs), and super strength. His alter-ego has him cross-dress as an office worker named "Lois Lame" (a parody of Superman's girlfriend, Lois Lane). His catchphrase is "Gaze into my nipples of the future!".

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


As his name states, he's really really big. He has greenish skin, a pair of antennas on his head, and wears a red jumpsuit with his initials on it (similar to Superman) and his nipples showing, as well as a yellow space helmet with a visor, blue tights, a blue cape, and blue boots. As Lois Lame, he wears a wig, a pink dress, and pink heels.


Really Really Big Man is your archetypical superhero type. Fighting for justice, and stuff like that. He is also shown to be a bit of a klutz, like when he accidentally squished the Little Poots, or whenever he unintentionally breaks things. Aside from that, he has a good heart.


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