Peaches is a pink-skinned demon clad in black robes and the main secondary antagonist of the series. In "To Heck and Back", he appears to be in charge of "Heck", a parody of Hell (which he claims appears infernal "for the tourists"). By taking off his hood, he reveals his head disturbingly resembles cow udders. Despite his menacing appearance and given his authority, Peaches has an "average Joe" tone of voice and likes playing with a paddle ball, though he has never beaten his record of 665.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


In "Heff in a Handbasket", it is revealed that he is actually not the overlord of "Heck," but the assistant to a larger, more competent demon who wears a propeller beanie. It is also revealed that he has attempted to lure mortals into "Heck" several times but has repeatedly failed to do so, with the exception of Grandma Wolfe.

Due to his failures, he was punished by being forced to star in his own cartoon show: Peaches' Modern Life.


When writer Martin Olson created the story for "To Heck and Back," he had "Satan" originally in charge of Heck. Director Jeff "Swampy" Marsh says Doug Lawrence named Peaches and "never explained the udders (or many other things he thought up) to anyone. It was just funny, and that was explanation enough".

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