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O-Town High School is a secondary education school located in O-Town.

In the episode "Put to Pasture/Future Schlock", a flashback reveals Rocko first met Heffer at O-Town High when Heffer was transferring to shop class. At the time, the class was grouped into teams working on potato lamp projects and the team with the brightest lamp earned extra credit.

However, Heffer, being gluttonous, ate the potato jeopardizing the project. Not knowing what to do and threatened with summer school, Rocko and Filburt discovered that Heffer, after consuming potato-related food, produced enough electricity to light the bulb. When the time came to present the lamps, Heffer had eaten so much potato foods, the bulb knocked out power across the planet and the cosmos momentarily becoming the brightest object in existence. The team received an A+ and remained friends ever since.


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