No Tell Motel

No Tell Motel is a motel that Rocko and Heffer stayed in during the episode "Road Rash". It apparently has water beds (shown on the sign as Wa Wa beds).


The scene where Rocko and Heffer are talking to the employee asking for a room says that one will be available in 20 minutes. When he asks how long they will be with the room Rocko says all night making him surprised. This scene implied that it was a motel used for prostitution and has been cut from reruns shown on Nicktoons TV.


The No Tell Motel is located in the middle of the desert by the highway that Rocko and Heffer were traveling on, as the building is a motel it has only one floor on it. It has three bedrooms for traveller's to sleep in and also a fourth room which is the lobby managed by an Indian-accented mule with glasses. It has a large sign adevertising it which reads in purple and large letters "NO TELL MOTEL" with a neon orange No Vancancy sign and also a wooden sign that reads in white Wa Wa beds, There is also a window with a white and red sign that reads Hourly Rates