Mr. Dupette is the CEO of Conglom-O, the megacorporation whose motto is "We Own You." Prior to this he is the manager at Super Lot-O Comics in the episode Canned, where he fires Rocko. It is unknown precisely when or how he became the CEO of Conglom-O. Some episodes showing flashbacks to Conglom-O's early years, such as when Ralph Bighead turned down his father's offer of a job at the company, remain consistent with Dupette's original appearance in Canned, while others depict him as being with Conglom-O during events set well before the events of Canned.

Dupette is almost always shown picking his nose, although sometimes he has a personal assistant pick his nose for him. Despite his official job title of "Slimy Boss" and propensity for firing executives on a whim for the most insane reasons, Dupette is a staunch environmentalist thanks to Rocko's efforts (in the episode Zanzibar!) and he also secretly enjoys performing as a clown at children's birthday parties (in the episode Closet Clown). He is also a golf pro and, as his original job suggests, a big comic book fan.

In the comic book, Dupette appears in the second story of Volume #1 and is never identified by name. In the comic, an elephant named Donald Frump (a parody of Donald Trump) serves as Mr. Bighead's boss.