Mr. Dupette

Mr. Dupette is the CEO of Conglom-O, the mega corporation whose motto is "We Own You." Prior to this he is the manager at Super Lot-O Comics in the episode Canned, where he fires Rocko. It is unknown precisely when or how he became the CEO of Conglom-O. Some episodes showing flashbacks to Conglom-O's early years, such as when Ralph Bighead turned down his father's offer of a job at the company, remain consistent with Dupette's original appearance in Canned, while others depict him as being with Conglom-O during events set well before the events of Canned.

Dupette is almost always shown picking his nose, although sometimes he has a personal assistant pick his nose for him. Despite his official job title of "Slimy Boss" and propensity for firing executives on a whim for the most insane reasons, Dupette is a staunch environmentalist thanks to Rocko's efforts (in the episode Zanzibar!) and he also secretly enjoys performing as a clown at children's birthday parties (in the episode Closet Clown). In fact, he is actually a kind boss to his employees. He is also a golf pro and, as his original job suggests, a big comic book fan.

In the comic book, Dupette appears in the second story of Volume #1 and is never identified by name. In the comic, an elephant named Donald Frump (a parody of Donald Trump) serves as Mr. Bighead's boss.

In "Static Cling", he and his company are flown into space, presumably never to be seen again.


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