return {
    "No Pain, No Gain",
    "Who Gives a Buck",
    "Leap Frogs",
    "Jet Scream",
    "Dirty Dog",
    "Keeping Up With the Bigheads",
    "Skid Marks",
    "Power Trip",
    "To Heck and Back",
    "The Good, The Bad, and The Wallaby",
    "Popcorn Pandemonium",
    "Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic",
    "Carnival Knowledge",
    "Sand in Your Navel",
    "Cabin Fever",
    "Rinse & Spit",
    "Rocko's Happy Sack",
    "Who's For Dinner?",
    "Love Spanked",
    "Clean Lovin'",
    "Unbalanced Load",
    "I Have No Son!",
    "Pipe Dreams",
    "Tickled Pinky",
    "The Lounge Singer",
    "She's the Toad",
    "Down the Hatch",
    "Road Rash",
    "Boob Tubed",
    "Commuted Sentence",
    "Rocko's Modern Christmas!: Can't Squeeze Cheer From a Cheese Log!",
    "Hut Sut Raw",
    "Kiss Me I'm Foreign",
    "Born to Spawn",
    "Uniform Behavior",
    "Hair Licked",
    "Gutter Balls",
    "Junk Junkies",
    "Day of the Flecko",
    "Short Story",
    "Eyes Capades",
    "Bye, Bye Birdie",
    "Belch of Destiny",
    "The Emperor's New Joe",
    "Sugar Frosted Frights",
    "Ed is Dead: A Thriller!",
    "Camera Shy",
    "Nothing To Sneeze At",
    "Old Fogey Froggy",
    "Manic Mechanic",
    "Rocko's Happy Vermin",
    "I See London, I See France",
    "The Fatlands",
    "Fortune Cookie",
    "Dear John",
    "Speaking Terms",
    "Tooth and Nail",
    "Wacky Delly",
    "The Big Question",
    "The Big Answer",
    "An Elk for Heffer",
    "Scrubbin' Down Under",
    "Fatal Contraption",
    "With Friends Like These",
    "Sailing the 7 Zzz's",
    "From Here to Maternity",
    "Ed Good, Rocko Bad",
    "Teed Off",
    "Wimp on the Barby",
    "Mama's Boy",
    "Feisty Geist",
    "Magic Meatball",
    "Closet Clown",
    "Seat to Stardom",
    "The High Five of Doom",
    "Fly Burgers",
    "Heff in a Handbasket",
    "Wallaby on Wheels",
    "Rug Birds",
    "Hypno-Puppy Luv",
    "Driving Mrs. Wolfe",
    "Put to Pasture",
    "Future Schlock",
    "Turkey Time",
    "Floundering Fathers",
    "Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling",
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