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  • I live in Denver (Centennial) Colorado
  • I was born on March 21
  • My occupation is South Park Archives and Coffee Drinker
  • I am Playing Pokemon Go
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  • Hi HighJewElfKing, some time ago I accidentally deleted the MediaWiki:Wikia.css page, because I had removed the content of the page because I had sent to activate the Common.css and I transferred the content but it didn't work because it didn't activate and it was chaos, and I wanted to restore an edition but as I told you above, I accidentally deleted it , and I wanted to know if you could restore all the deleted editions of MediaWiki:Wikia.css and activate the Common.css?

    Thank you!

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    • I've gone ahead and done that for you :) 


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    • Hello again, I have another question, will you still be the Wiki Manager here? I just don't see your flag of WM.

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    • I am no longer a wiki manager due to Fandom's layoffs last Friday. A new WM I assume should be here within the next two to three weeks. In the meantime you could contact staff for help via special contact. 

      It was great to help you out on RML wiki :)

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    • Thank you very much for your help, good luck! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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