Meet the Fatheads

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Meet the Fatheads is an in-universe cartoon series created by Rachel Bighead. The show starred a married couple that appeared to be based loosely on a highly unflattering parody of her parents, depicting them as ugly, loudmouthed and brutally stupid. They constantly bicker and fight with each other and anyone else they come across, hitting people and each other with parking meters. They are all voiced by Charlie Adler. The show is designed by Stephen Hillenburg.

The show is hugely popular, with Rocko, Filburt, Heffer and even Spunky being great fans of the show and its style of humour.

The Fathead-Made Factory

The opening animation saw the body of The Fatheads are ready to be made, using the Human Bodies in Fatwood. Then the hand put the human bodies on the Slobbered Bodies (the naked one was used to make Mrs. Fathead). Then sprayed the bodies to make faces of the Fatheads.

The ending introduction saw the human hands playing "A Game of the Fatheads". Then the faces took off. And the ending saw the parking meter, saying the Fatheads.


  • The Fatheads are based on Joe Murray's neighbors, which include a grouchy neighbor, a chain smoker and a guy who steals baseballs.
  • According to the episode "Wacky Delly", the Fatheads ran for 893 episodes.
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