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Martin Olson, author & television writer

Martin Olson (born April 2, 1956) is an American comedy writer, television producer, stage director and composer. He is also a playwright and poet known as an original member of the notorious "Boston Comedy Scene." Olson's satire "Encyclopedia of Hell" was published by Feral House (July 2012) and his second book "The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia" was a best seller published by Abrams Books (August 2013.).

Olson has received four Emmy nominations and an Ace Award for television writing, and two Emmy nominations for songwriting. For Rocko's Modern Life, Olson was one of the original staff writers through all four seasons, writing many of the weirder RML episodes, including "Wacky Delly," "I Have No Son," "Belch of Destiny," "Sugar Rush," "Born to Spawn," "Tickled Pinky" and "To Heck and Back."

Martin Olson RML Filmography

Season 1 (Story By):

Who Gives a Buck?

Dirty Dog

Skid Marks

Power Trip

To Heck and Back

Popcorn Pandemonium

Rinse and Spit

Season 2 (Story By):

I Have No Son!

Tickled Pinky

Down the Hatch

Boob Tubed

Rocko's Modern Christmas (uncredited)


Born to Spawn

Uniform Behavior

Day of the Flecko

Gutter Balls

Season 3 (Story By):

Belch of Destiny

Sugar-Frosted Frights

Tooth and Nail

Wacky Delly

The Big Question

The Big Answer

Season 4 (Story By):

The High-Five of Doom

Heff in a Handbasket

Hypno-Puppy Luv

From Here to Maternity

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