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Mama's Boy

Mama's Boy is episode 5b of season 4.

Heffer, fed up with his family babying him, moves out and gets a job, but soon learns the consequences of his lazy habits.


Heffer is watching television at his house when he drops the remote on the floor. Heffer, too lazy to get out of the chair to pick it up, tries to grab for it while he is still sitting down. But he fails to reach it. So Virginia comes in and picks it up for him and cleans up the popcorn he spilled on the carpet. George comes in as well and yells at Virgina for treating him like a baby. When a knock on the door is heard, Heffer surmises that it is his friends and runs upstairs to change his clothes. Virginia answers the door to find Rocko and Filburt waiting for Heffer to come downstairs to go to Mud City with them. When he finally comes downstairs, he is dressed in a rabbit hoodie and tags along with his friends. Filburt, seeing Heffer, teases him for being a mama's boy.

Coming back home, Virginia washes Heffer with a gardening hose. When she offers him a number of his favorite things while he is sitting on the couch, Heffer eventually outbursts, being tired of being treated like a mama's boy, gets annoyed and eventually decides to move out on a search for independence. While his mother becomes worried and his father estatic upon his departure, Heffer tells them to not worry, as he claims he has other friends and roommates he can live with. A week later, at Chewy Chicken, Rocko and Filburt attempt to order something off the menu and become surprised when they learn that Heffer now has a job there, and tell him that they have not been able to get in contact with him during his absence. Heffer brushes off their concerns and explains to him that he's living on his own, with some small things to "straighten out" in the process; curiously, a shot of his posterior shows what are possibly footmarks and his feet cringing in apparent pain, meaning the small things were infact him getting kicked out from his contact's room and board constantly. Heffer also introduces his friends to his new apartment, which is inside the Chewy Chicken mascot sign.

Later on, Heffer's bad and irresponsible habits accumulate filth around his living space and turns the not too shabby apartment into a dump, and during nighttime, a cockroach enters the apartment and likes the condition of it. Heffer tries to order the squatter out, but comes to consider him a new roommate when the cockroach gets friendly with him. Heffer then gets a call from his mother, who was just checking up on him, and tells her that nothing is apparently wrong. Heffer tells his new roommate that he needs to get some sleep to get ready for work tomorrow. But the cockroach tells him to forget work and party instead.

Heffer ends up late for work the next day and when he finally comes around to open up the restaurant to the disgruntled customers, he appears to be half-asleep due to staying up too late at night. At work, Heffer tells his friends about his new roommate and that they are having a party tonight. During the night of the party, Rocko and Filburt learn that the party consists on cockroaches, who have a negative influence on Heffer. Having enough of the party, Rocko decides to get Filburt and leave.

The next day, the apartment is now in horrible condition and Chewy Chicken is now closed down by the health inspector due to it generating an enormous smog of filth. Heffer returns to his apartment to get some sleep, but the constant partying is distracting him from his rest. So he decides to sleep on the roof instead. But rain falls and soon, Heffer gets a call from his mother and begins walking. During his call, he wanders through a blizzard, gets lost in a desert, is being mugged by a bandit, ends up on a chain gang in prison, finds himself in a slaughterhouse, is crashing in a plane going down, being tortured in a dungeon, and in Heck under Peaches' reign while telling his mom that he's fine. When he makes it back home, he is now a complete mess and falls on the floor. His family drags him inside and puts him on the couch, as well as giving him a bowl of popcorn and a television to watch.

The next day, Heffer, now back to normal, is now watching television when he gets a phone call from Rocko. He drops the remote on the floor, but gets out of the chair to retrieve it. Heffer also tells Rocko on the phone that he is helping out around the house nowadays.

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  • Continuing with this episode, "Chokey Chicken" is renamed Chewy Chicken, most likely because the censors finally caught on with the inappropriate joke.
  • The episode may be a follow up to the episode "Bedfellows", in where Heffer moves in with Rocko.
  • Part of Rachel Bighead's tirade from "Wacky Delly" can be heard while Heffer is watching the TV at the beginning.

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