Maggie (Nickname)
Trash-O-Madness ((photo cameo) Wimp on the Barby (cameo appearance)

Magdalane "Maggie" is a scrapped character and was originally designed as the sister of Rocko. She would have had two children, being either the niece(s) or nephew(s) of Rocko.

Murray included her in early presentations of the Rocko's Modern Life concept. When Murray further developed the concept, he decided that the show would carry more effect if Rocko had no family in O-Town. Murray wrote an episode script, titled "Wake Up Maggie", which portrays Magdalane suffering from narcolepsy. Murray stated that Nickelodeon believed the episode to be "a bit odd" while he believed that the episode was "touching."

According to Murray, when he attended a press conference for networks to market new seasons of television shows to the press, a reporter asked him why the show did not have any "positive female role models". Murray said that he responded by stating that he had no positive role models, that people do not use cartoon characters as role models, and that television shows should not teach lessons. According to Murray, after the conference some Nickelodeon executives told the reporter that they had plans to place female role models in the television show and asked Murray to place Magdalane as a female role model. Murray said that he refused to use Magdalane like that and never used her in Rocko's Modern Life.

Appearances in the official series

Although Magdalane never officially appeared in the series, she made a few cameos and appeared to be younger than her brother, unlike what Murray intended. She made a brief appearance in a photo of Rocko's entire family as a baby in her mother's pouch in Trash-O-Madness, and she appeared in a flashback sequence in "Wimp on the Barby" where Rocko was leaving while being chased by Dingo, but not before saying goodbye to his family.


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