Leon Chameleon

Leon Chameleon is a supporting character of Rocko's Modern Life. He is the identical twin who is often seen with his twin brother Chuck Chameleon.


Leon is a green chameleon and twin brother of Chuck. His hobbies include making movies, accidentally tricking people, and owning several stores. He is an employee along with his brother at many O-Town locations. According to himself and his brother, the two once worked for a Czar (who considerably resembled Heffer) in the fictional country of Balzak before immigrating to America. Leon was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


Leon is naked most of the time, though he does sometimes wear shirts. He is lime green with light blue lips, just like his brother Chuck. Despite being a chameleon, he and his brother look more like gecko/dinosaur hybrids.


  • Out of all the characters in the show (not including the minor cast), he and Chuck Chameleon have developed the least. Throughout the series, they stayed the same snobby entrepreneurs they always were.
  • He and his brother are sometimes used as background characters
  • Despite making frequent appearances in the series, he and Chuck Chameleon are still some of the more forgotten characters.
  • In "Dumbells", it was revealed that they lived next door to the Bigheads.

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