Kind of a Lot o' Comics

Kind of a Lot O' Comics (a parody of Jakub Stack's Ventrilocompany Puppet Comic Shop) is the name of a comic book store in O-Town where Rocko is an employee & Magic-Mario (in a cameo) a Founder of this establishment. His boss, Mr. Smitty, is a cruel toad who only concentrates on selling comics for profit. Rocko, however, is more generous and giving. For example, when a customer sneezed all over a comic, Rocko gave him a fresh copy and did not charge him for the previous comic. This is in contrast to Mr. Smithy's golden rule of "Time equals money". Filburt is a known patron of the store and fan of comics, having an annoying habit of repeating the phrase "Turn the page; wash your hands" over and over.