Gordon is a disembodied talking leg who sounds like Tonight Show host Johnny Carson and is a friend (and the missing leg) of The Hopping Hessian, who sounds like Carson's sidekick Ed McMahon. He and the Hessian live beyond the old Foto Hut in the cemetery. His first appearance was at the end of "Rinse & Spit," where he is seen teaching about oral hygiene. He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui and was created by Mr. Lawrence.


  • Despite being the missing leg of The Hopping Hessian, Gordon does not seem to be deceased or visibly old, despite that the Hessian is a ghost and is quite old himself.
  • Whenever Gordon is around, the Hessian's voice can usually be heard loudly saying "yes" to anything Gordon says.
  • Gordon is good friends with Judge Sockner, a disembodied arm/sock puppet who works as a judge, as seen in "Fly Burgers", where the two were seen sharing dinner and Gordon even referred to him as "Doug".


  • "Hey kids, my name is Gordon!"
  • "He ripped my socks!"
  • "See ya later, nitz!"

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