Food o rama

Food-O-Rama is a large superstore. It's an extremely long red building with a purple roof. It also has 2 slider doors and 6 arch opening for windows in the front. Filburt worked there as a Free Sample worker, where he first met Heffer. Rocko is also shown to shop there often.

Occasionally inside the store, it's shown what kinds of foods they sell. In With Friends Like These, Heffer quickly tries to help Rocko find his favorite foods, he pulls out a box of Sugar Cornswats, and Lucky Lollipop Crunch. In Turkey Time, Rocko and Heffer leave the store with items such as Hot Dogs, Sausages, Bread, Cranberry, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, and Stuffing. This shows the inventory for the store ranges from common items to random brands and unique foods.


With Friends Like These

Put to Pasture

Turkey Time

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