Floundering Fathers
Season 4, Episode 13b
Floundering Fathers
Air date November 24, 1996
Written by George Maestri
Jeff "Swampy" Marsh

Dan Povenmire

Directed by Stephen Hillenburg
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Floundering Fathers is the series finale of Rocko's Modern Life. This involves Rocko, Heffer, Filburt and Ed Bighead discussing about who founded O-Town.


After Ed Bighead, Grand Marshall of the O-Town Founder's Day Parade, rejects Rocko's parade float entry, Mr. Bighead, Filburt and Heffer tell their versions of the founding of O-Town.


Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt are about to send the entry form for their float, a hamburger made of hot dogs, to the O-Town Founder's Day Parade. But as they make it to the parade, Ed rejects their float, saying that the parade is not for foreigners. Rocko argues that O-Town was founded by foreigners. But Ed shows Rocko and his friends the O-Town rock, informing that his ancestor John Quincy Bighead purchased the rock and the land for $2.98 and breath mints, thus founding O-Town. Filburt, however, shows a video of turtle eggs being laid underground beneath the rock. The turtles have left and could no longer locate their nest due to poor eyesight, leaving the eggs to hatch on their own, thus validating the fact that Filburt's ancestors technically founded O-Town. Heffer tells how his ancestor Abraham Heffer gave the iceberg address to delineate the sinking of the ship, terminating the war completely. Also, Lewis and Clark were attacked by Redcoats while crossing the underwear, but were saved by an upcoming fruit plane, which they climbed up on. Later, they won the eating contest at the OK Corral in the western town and won the rock in the contest to push it to the exact spot. They then find a knife impaled to the rock and pull it out, thus becoming the founders of O-Town. Soon, Ed, Heffer, and Filburt begin arguing and Heffer attempts to push the rock, with Ed and Filburt trying to hold him back.

The rock tips over, and Rocko reads a sign at the bottom of the rock that says "First Place Eat Out at the OK Corral." This reveals Heffer's story was true. The four also find Filburt's forefathers' nest on the ground, confirming his story too and the nest moves being part of a hat of Rocko's Ancestor who emerges from the hole. Rocko's Ancestor tells Ed, Heffer, and Filburt that he has been down there for two hundred years and reveals they are all wrong, to their shock. He tells them that wallabies were in O-Town before any one of their families until they went to Australia. He also explains that he would have gone too but Heffer's ancestors pushed a rock over his front door, trapping him inside and tells Ed that his ancestor shortened the Native Americans by 29 cents, meaning that Ed owes the Native Americans $37,000 and two tons of breath mints, and he is offered the bill, which he has to pay by thirty days, to his dismay.

In the end, Rocko is the new Grand Marshall of the parade, and it is revealed that Spunky's ancestor has been in O-Town before the wallabies since Rocko's ancestor says that wallabies were only in the city before the steers, turtles, and toads. One of Spunky's ancestors is shown living in the hole under the rock the whole time, and he crawls back inside and closes it with the rock as the show irises out.

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  • If you look closely in the crowd during the parade marching sequence both near the beginning and the end of the episode, you can see prototypes of two characters from Joe Murray's next cartoon show, Camp Lazlo. The character prototypes are an older version of Raj the Elephant, and a female version of Lazlo the Monkey.
  • Not intended as the finale since they were planning a season 5. Shortly after this episode firstly aired, it was put on hiatus, and then cancelled a week later. However, this means that Rocko's kindness and optimism finally resulted in a happy ending for him as the episode ends with him being the grand marshall of a parade.
  • This is the 100th episode segment of the series.
  • "Floundering Fathers" is coincidentally also the name of a Time Squad episode.
  • This is the official series finale of Rocko's Modern Life. However, Future Schlock was the last episode of the show to have been made.

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