Earl is a very large, mean-looking, purple bulldog. He has yellow eyes, red hair and large lower teeth that protrude from his mouth and wears a spiked dog collar. He was initially homeless, and is occasionally locked up at Dr. HP Marten's Institute for Questionable Experiments, due to his viciousness. His "fairy dogmother" frees him from Dr. Marten's lab.


Earl enjoys harassing Spunky, mauling Rocko, Ed Bighead, Dan the Fly Man, and basically anything else that is alive. Bev found him digging up her flower garden. After yelling at him for the first time in his life Earl was sorry for misbehaving. As soon as they befriended each other he was adopted by Bev Bighead. Ed hates him and Earl hates Ed but is loving towards Bev as she loves him and takes care of him. Deep down Earl is lonely. All Earl really wants is a loving family and a permanent home. His vocal effects are provided by Tom Kenny. He belongs to Bev, Ed, and Ralph as of Frog's Best Friend.

As well as appearing in several episodes, Earl appears in the series' theme song chasing Rocko and Spunky with Heffer following close behind and is crushed at the end by a television.


Earl has yellow eyes with black pupils, red hair and large lower teeth that protrude from his mouth and wears a spiked dog collar.


Other than his first appearance in the Pilot episode Trash-O-Madness, Earl has appeared in a few episodes throughout the series, such as Frog's Best Friend, Commuted Sentence, and Ed is Dead: A Thriller!, usually chasing or attacking Rocko. He also makes a cameo in Zanzibar! at the very end of the song "Spring Cleaning".

He also has been in the Comics for the series, Issue 1 (Cover Only), Issue 2, Issue 5, and Issue 6.

Earl vs beverly

Earl facing Bev.


  • A dog similar to him appears in a MTV bumper that Joe Murray made. In it, a cow very similar to Heffer also appears. The dog has yellow eyes and the color of fur that Earl has, and is also viscous.
  • Earl can be seen as the opposite of Spunky, whereas Spunky is dimwitted, but loyal and nice to Rocko and most other people he comes across, Earl is cunning and smart, but also mean and will attack anyone aside from Bev.

    The dog as it appears barking in the short bumper.