Dr. Bendova "treating" Rocko's fever.

Dr. Bendova is a psychotic mental patient rat who appeared in "Flu-In-U-Enza" as a physician. He terrifies and infuriates Rocko with his continuous "turn your head and cough" tests and bizarre behavior before signing him a prescription and giving him a prostate exam. It's only after that the hippo nurse comes in and says "I thought I strapped you to the bed!" revealing him to be a mental patient. At the end of the same episode he was the challenger at the WWWWF (Wide World of Wacky Wrestling Federation) match that Rocko couldn't make it to. He made several brief cameos following this episode.


  • Dr. Bendova may be a parody of Dr. Benway, a similarly sadistic and sociopathic physician from various novels by Beat Generation author William Burroughs, including Naked Lunch and Nova Express.
  • His name is a pun on "bend over," which is a sexual reference.



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