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Douglas Lawrence Osowski (born Mr. Lawrence on January 1, 1969) is an animation director, writer, and voice actor. He provided the voices of some of the characters such as Filburt and Peter from Rocko's Modern Life, in addition to serving as director and writer from seasons 1 to 3.


Prior to Rocko, Lawrence was a stand-up comedian in his native New Jersey. According to Martin Olson, Lawrence had no previous experience in animation before working on Rocko's Modern Life, with Doug showing Joe Murray his drawings, paintings and mentioning his background as a stand-up comic as a form of resume. Despite his inexperience, Murray liked Lawrence's style and he was hired as a director for the series.[1]

When auditions were held to cast the characters, Lawrence took a shot as Filburt and was cast in the role, with Murray remarking "I didn't expect Doug Lawrence's east coast nasel [sic] to be so perfect for Filburt."[2] Following the third season, he no longer directed or wrote episodes, but continued providing Filburt's voice.

After Rocko

Lawrence has had a successful career since Rocko ended production. He has voiced Plankton, Potty the Parrot (since season 10), the Realistic Fish Head, and others on SpongeBob SquarePants, in addition to writing for the show and becoming its story editor as of the tenth season. Doug portrayed Edward T. Platypus, Nurse Leslie, Dave, and Ping-Pong on Joe Murray's later series Camp Lazlo. He served as story editor and writer of Mighty Magiswords for its early episodes and provides the voices of Ralphio and Helmut.


Episodes he directed and wrote

NOTE: In season 2 and 3 as well as Sand in Your Navel, he did storyboards. Also, all episodes from seasons 2 and 3 are with Robert McNally-Scull.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3



  • Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Lawrence is neither married nor related to fellow SpongeBob SquarePants voice actor Carolyn Lawrence.
  • A portrait of him can be seen in the Fatheads special in Static Cling.

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