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Derek Drymon (born November 19, 1968) is a writer and storyboard artist of Rocko's Modern Life. He joined the show in its second season an assistant storyboard artist. In season 4, he remain his position as assistant storyboard artist, but he get additional writing credits and was paired up with Mark O'Hare.

After Rocko's Modern Life ended, he went to work on Hey Arnold! and CatDog, working a storyboard artist and director on both shows and a supervising director on the latter. He is best known for being the creative director of SpongeBob's original 3 seasons. After working on the show's first movie, Drymon went to create a pilot and he worked on an episode of Joe Murray's other show, Camp Lazlo, during its last season. Eventually, he started working for DreamWorks Animation since Kung Fu Panda in the late 2000s.


Season 4: