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Bucky: Don't you worry there, young fella. I brought along my camera crew for assistance and we're gonna fix your house up real nice. Okay?
Rocko: Terrific. So you'll be doing all the work yourself?
Bucky: (laughs) Oh, oh, gosh no. Hey, I don't know a hammer from a hemorrhoid. My assistant Al here does all the work. She's a genius.
Al: Hi, guys.
Bucky: I'm a visionary and a dreamer. Not really hands-on kind of guy. And I look great in a plaid work shirt. You just run along for the rest of the day and when you return, all your problems will be solved.
Bucky: Okay, where's my smacky, uh, hitty-poundy thingy there.
Rocko: My living room, it's a bathroom. My closet is a bathroom. My basement is a bathroom! My ballroom is a bathroom!! EVEN MY BATHROOM IS A BATHROOM!!!!! Well, I guess that's okay. THERE'S TOO MANY BATHROOMS!!!!
Bucky: "Too many bathrooms? What do you mean? You can never have too many bathrooms."
Rocko: "Get out of my house you wacko!!!!

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