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The Conglom-O Corporation, or simply Conglom-O, is a fictional trading company in the television series, Rocko's Modern Life. Located in O-Town, the company is chaired by the nose picking executive Mr. Dupette. Ed Bighead serves as an employee for the company, with the exception of "Canned" where Ed was the boss while Mr. Dupette was the boss of Super Lot-O-Comics.

The corporation's slogan is "We Own You", referencing to the immense power that capitalist businesses can attain. In the past during the company's early years, their slogan was "We Will Own You," and, in the future, it is "We Still Own You." But in Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling, their slogan is "We Own Squat".

The corporate office contains a product testing department, where Rocko briefly worked. Bev Bighead also briefly worked there, filling in for her husband after he went into a fit of madness after succumbing to the stress of giving a proposal presentation in the episode She's the Toad. Conglom-O is an example of some of the political satire and commentary in the show in regards to corpratism.

The company is never mentioned, however, in the comic book version. In the comic book, Mr. Bighead works for a similar company operated by a white elephant named Donald Frump, a parody of Donald Trump. Mr. Dupette is visible though in the second story of Issue #1, but is never identified by name in the comic series.

It once went bankrupt by complete accident on Mr. Bighead's part in Static Cling.