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(Rocko notices Heffer sitting on the telephone wire.)
Rocko: Heffer, what are you doing up there?
Heffer: I'm eating my lunch.
Filburt: I'll be in the hospital for a few days while they run some tests. (whispering) I'm pretty sure it's something serious this time.
Dr. Hutchison: (deadpan) It's a rash.
Filburt: She's in denial. Poor thing.
Heffer: Hey, Rock, you wanna move to France.
Rocko: Not really.
Heffer: Naw. Me neither.
Monkey Guy: I thought I told you to keep your bird away from MY MONKEY!!!
Fire Dog: Is this yours?
Rocko: No! I mean yes.
Fire Dog: Well, it seems "Polly" here got into a gas pump.
Rocko: Oh?
(Turdy opens his beak and fire comes out followed by a fire hose.)
Gorilla: He scared my kid!
Dog: He ruined my car!
Rabbit: He chewed my garden!
Pig: He pecked my customers!
Cowboy: He ate my pony!
(Turdy burps and a horse's whinny is heard.)
Gordon the Foot: He ripped my socks.
Rocko: Filburt! Hello.
Filburt: Oh, Rocko, terrible news.
Rocko: Oh?
Filburt: The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me! Fools!

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