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Bedfellows is the second segment of the second episode of the first season of Rocko's Modern Life, and the fourth episode overall.


Heffer is forced out of his parents' house, he decides to live with Rocko. Eventually, though, the two roommates' very different lifestyles start to conflict with each other.


Heffer comes home to find out that his parents rented out his room to mice, since George Wolfe has been laid off from his job, coupled with Heffer not pulling his weight at the house, so he has to sleep in the treehouse, but the branch that the treehouse was built on breaks under his massive girth, resulting in a painful crash onto the lawn.

Heffer goes to stay at Rocko's house. After explaining the situation, Rocko lets Heffer sleep on the couch. Surprisingly, after Rocko goes back to sleep, the couch comes to life and runs away, refusing to let someone as fat as Heffer sleep on him. Waking Rocko again, Heffer asks to sleep with him. Rocko reluctantly agrees, but only once. Finding Heffer takes up too much room on the bed, Rocko's only choice is in one of his dresser drawers. All through the night, Heffer's snoring not only keeps Rocko awake, but even wakes up most of the neighborhood. Rocko attempts to keep Heffer's snoring quiet by placing an empty fish bowl on his snout, and then numbing Heffer with a cattle prod, neither of which are very successful.

The next morning, Rocko goes into the bathroom to find it has been completely ruined; Heffer used up all of the hot water, put a soiled pair of underwear on the rack in place of a towel, mangled the soap bar and his toothpaste bottle, and didn't flush the toilet. When Rocko comes home from work, he finds all of his belongings replaced, which Heffer revealed he gave to charity. Just as Rocko is about to protest angrily against this, Heffer makes dinner, the Heffer Deluxe, which tasted good, until Heffer says the ingredients, while Rocko is eating it, then comes desert, Heffer Souffle a la Flambe, which ends up exploding in poor Rocko's face. Heffer's mom calls him, but he says that he now shares Rocko's house with him, leaving a mountain of dishes for Rocko to do in exchange for the dinner Heffer made in the process. Another sleepless night passes for Rocko.

The next day, when Rocko returns from work, he finds clothes strewn all over the place, and Heffer naked. Rocko's clothes are ripped off as he walks into the backyard, to find it filled with nudists, all the while Mr. and Mrs. Bighead are watching from their house. At that moment, Rocko forces all the nudists out of his house and furiously chastises Heffer for taking his hospitality for granted. Not listening, Heffer decides that Rocko is too difficult to live with. Heffer's father then comes to retrieve Heffer, still naked.

That night, Rocko wakes up in the middle of the night and peers through his window to find Mrs. Bighead partying with the nudists, like Heffer was Ed asks her what are those freaks doing here, resulting in her telling him to shut up, take his trousers off and join the party with her.

Characters Present


  • Nickelodeon paired this episode with "Wallaby on Wheels", replacing its sister episode "Leap Frogs". This was also true for the former Nicktoons reruns in 2002 until its run ended. Currently, this practice remains for the NickRewind reruns.
  • Clips of this episode are included in one segment of the Nickelodeon Friends Variety Pack VHS Tape
  • This episode was number 67 on the 100 Greatest Moments in Nicktoons History.
  • At the beginning of the episode, the Wolfe family are watching The Odd Couple on television.
    • The episode itself is a parody of The Odd Couple with Rocko in the role of Felix Unger (a neat freak) and Heffer in the role of Oscar Madison (a slob).
  • This episode, along with "Leap Frogs", is time compressed on the DVD version. It is available on the Friends Variety Pack VHS Tape in its original speed.
  • This episode aired before "Who's For Dinner?" as Rocko already knows George Wolfe while Heffer knows he was adapted by the Wolfe family,
  • The moose that is crushed by the car in this episode looks nearly identical to Lumpy from Happy Tree Friends. However, this episode aired in 1993, while Happy Tree Friends debuted on Christmas 1999, so this might just be a coincidence.

Animation Errors

  • When Rocko enters the nudist party, his shirt is torn off, and his shoes disappear when Rocko asks Heffer what's going on.


Heffer: (while being prodded) Mmmm...Sheila?
Heffer: I had this wild dream. Electric eels were biting my butt.
[Ed is spying on Rocko's backyard, where a nudist party is being held]
Ed Bighead: Bev! Oh, I can't believe it! Do you know what that *weirdo* next door is up to?
Bev Bighead: Oh, shut up and mind your own business, Ed.
Ed Bighead: But, Bev! They're, well... *Nude*!
[Bev grabs the binoculars]
Bev Bighead: Oh, Ed! Oh, you're right! Yes! This is disgusting! Quick, Ed, get the telescope out of the hall closet!

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